Site Works & Metering

The Utility Buyers offer a turn-key solution to meet clients’ site works requirements. Our broad suite of services cover multi-utility (Gas, Water and Electricity) infrastructures through to metering and energy procurement services.

Our overriding objective is to ensure that our clients achieve the fastest service coupled with the most competitive costs.

Our site works experts have considerable experience in gas, water and electricity, allowing us to come on board at any stage of the process whatever the situation and deliver real value to what is generally regarded as an overcomplicated area of utilities.

We can help and oversee project designs, connections, meter installs and assist in choosing the right providers. We look to offer clients a single point of contact to remove the stresses and time of having to coordinate multiple providers.

We have fantastic working relationships with all agents and suppliers. In view of the volume of work we oversee, we are typically provided with dedicated teams in the majority of Distribution, Metering and Supply Companies.

Infrastructure Consultancy

Transparency is one of our key values; so part of our consultancy service is ensuring that there are no hidden costs being concealed from our clients. Our record of past savings for our customers is insurmountable. We question the specifications to ensure that you get the best value for money, making sure that your utility connections accurately suit your site’s energy needs.

To do so, we ensure that the most appropriate metering is installed and the supplies are brought online in the appropriate timescale.

New Measure DCP 161

DCP 161 came into force on 1st April 2018. This new measure has been introduced by Ofgem to ensure that half hourly (HH) supplies that exceed their assigned available capacity pay significantly more for the excess. Pre April 2018, if a supply exceeded its available capacity, other than the charge the supplier adds for the excess kVA at the standard available capacity rate, no penalty was charged. As a result, there has been little incentive for end users to actively review and increase capacity where required.

It is a change to the DCUSA (Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement) that has led to the introduction of excess capacity penalties for half hourly electricity supplies. This change has ensured that the additional costs that DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) can incur when customers exceed their available capacity levels are recovered.

Previously, businesses that exceed their capacity were charged the same amount for the excess energy they use at their contracted rate, offering little incentive to review and extend their agreed capacity with DNOs. Through the introduction of DCP161 Ofgem is hoping that it will encourage consumers to do this instead of running over and incurring unnecessary costs.

To avoid usage exceeding capacity levels it is essential to understand the available capacity and maximum demand levels of these supplies. Any sites that are incurring excess capacity charges will need to agree a revised capacity or take energy-saving measures to reduce their maximum demand.

The Utility Buyers can guide clients through DCP161, determining whether your business is liable to Excess Capacity charges and establish whether an increase or decrease in capacity is required.

Additionally, our team of energy management specialists can advise on abatement measures geared towards reducing energy consumption.

Need help with design planning?

Our complete consultancy service offers both design and implementation of plans, so our team can take this task off your hands whilst ensuring that the best practice is employed.

How else can we help?


Site surveys

Meeting with developers regarding both spec and non-spec developments

Advising on and arranging PFC, UPS and voltage optimisation

Best practice when working on more specialist type projects, such as: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Railways, and Government installations

Diversionary works

Translating customer requirements to energy suppliers and distribution network operators


Reporting on wayleaves and other civils where applicable


Processing documentation that is required by the distribution companies

Secondary back up supplies including TBS and on-site generation

Improved processes and timescales for new gas connections, electricity connections and water connections

New Connections

Our expertise extends beyond simply getting the cable/pipes installed to the building, to arranging meter installations, allowing a turn-key solution to getting our clients’ sites power, gas and water connected.

Our knowledge within the sector allows us to liaise with the suppliers and metering agents using their own language to get our clients connected on time, and at the most competitive rates.

Our experienced site works team can manage any size of supply.

We can get involved at any stage of the new connections process, advising on best practice and ensure your electricity, water and gas connection is completed on time.

Our experienced site works team can manage any size of supply.

We can get involved at any stage of the new connections process, advising on best practice and ensure your connection is completed on time.

Supply Alterations

Whether you require a simple relocation of a supply to major HV electricity or High-Pressure gas mains diversions, our team have the necessary experience to deliver cost-effective alterations solutions.

We find it imperative that our clients and the Distribution Network Operators fully understand each other’s needs and requirements, in order for this to be both delivered within specification and on budget.

We are able to advise and add value in the following areas:


Situations where there is an over or under capacity.


Singular Gas, Water and Electricity infrastructure works.


Tenure of supply whilst any infrastructure work is being undertaken to allow minimal disruption.


Working with all the Suppliers, Agents (MoP, MAM, LDSO) to ensure both a seamless and cost-effective solution.


Removal of supplies.


Multi-Utility infrastructure works. These have and continue to deliver real benefits in both cost accounting and project management terms.


Have we found a better source of energy for you or do you no longer require a meter? Whatever your disconnection needs, The Utility Buyers has the expertise to carry out this process correctly on your behalf.

Disconnections are sometimes overlooked and in many cases rushed through, which can cause long-term problems with inaccurate bills being generated and national databases not being updated correctly. Our ability to liaise with suppliers, project managers, and distribution companies ensures a swift disconnection service with minimal disruption to your site.

The Utility Buyers work on behalf of many mainstream developers and construction companies that have an ongoing requirement for services to be disconnected, prior to demolition works being undertaken.

Our experience with working on many dynamic customer portfolios proves our position to best advise our clients on indicative timescales for the overall disconnection of supplies and where applicable, the removal of fiscal metering.

Meter Operator Contracts

A Meter Operator (MOP) agreement is a mandatory requirement for all Half Hourly electricity supplies. MOP contracts ensure that clients Half Hourly meters are maintained and the data they provide is sent to the electricity supplier for billing. 

MOP contracts are typically for five-year durations and they can be split out from the energy supply contract. Having a direct MOP agreement in place provides more clarity for our clients on the price they are paying and in most cases is a cheaper alternative to the electricity supplier to building the cost into the energy rates.

The Utility Buyers have recently conducted a detailed tender process to ensure that we can provide our clients with the best price and exceptional customer service from our chosen Meter Operator.

The Utility Buyers tender and consolidate our clients’ MOP contracts to align end-dates and ensure a single provider across multiple sites.

Our in-house metering specialists fully manage MOP contracts on behalf of our clients: from pricing and contract acceptance to the project management of any meter installations. We ensure the most cost-effective solutions for our clients, typically achieving savings of circa 30-40% per annum due to our strategic relationships with Meter Operators.

DC/DA Services

Do you really know how much energy your business uses?

We have strategic partnerships with mainstream UK Data Collectors and Data Aggregators (DC/DA), which allows us to provide our clients with visibility on how their energy is being consumed.

By trusting us to recommend a DC/DA supplier to you, savings could be made on your energy bills together with improved visibility on your energy consumption.

Our quantitative expertise means that we can identify whether energy savings can be achieved. Access to high-quality half-hour data is fundamental to our effective energy management. The Utility Buyers can source your DC/DA contract for you and take further steps to provide you with more knowledge on your energy consumption through the provision of online system and bespoke reports.

We can also validate your invoices to check data usage against your charges to ensure that you are accurately paying for your energy usage.

We are waiting to hear from you.

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Metering Services

We offer advice and a variety of metering services across the UK. We have a specific point of contact at each of the leading UK Meter Operators and many of the Tier 2 providers, who are dedicated to providing our clients with a reliable service.

A key area to consider when choosing a metering partner is the needs of both parties – our experience shows that in many instances this has not been done. We would love to chat with you about the relevant merits of contracting independently for these services, the financial benefits of which we have demonstrated time and time again.

We can offer advice and best practice on many of the metering systems available in today’s marketplace which include:


Code of Practice (COP) electricity meters.


Gas Meters from U6 through to Turbine Meters (LP/MP/HP).


Smart Meters (AMR).


Water Meters.


Sub Meters (Gas, Water and Electricity).

Whatever the type of metering you require, The Utility Buyers will ensure that the installation is by competent, accredited installers at the most competitive rates, ensuring our clients receive the best value for money.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

The Utility Buyers work with all of the UK’s leading AMR providers for gas, electricity and water solutions. We have successfully project managed large AMR rollouts, supplying thousands of meters on single projects alone. We offer a fully delivered AMR Project Management service, ensuring our clients are engaged with at each key stage of the project.

Our AMR team can analyse your current set up and advise as to whether your current metering solutions are right for your business. AMR allows you to be in control of your energy usage providing access to high-quality energy data. Our AMR service can also be extended for your gas and water requirements.


Sub metering is a convenient and efficient solution to provide accurate results for all parties or sectors within a building/site. Additional sub meters are installed on your site that works in conjunction with your main fiscal meter, which allows you to isolate and control your energy usage.

Our consultants will work with you to establish your goals through the installation of sub-metering; it may be that your site has multiple occupants and you need to target energy usage specifically for more efficient billing solutions for tenants or end users.

Whatever your goal, we provide you with the accurate data to make it achievable.