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We are a close-knit team with a passion for providing a reliable and transparent service to our clients. We leverage our relationships with suppliers to secure our clients the most favourable contracts available. Our integrity sets us apart from our competitors; we will always provide the highest levels of customer service throughout our partnership, answer any of your questions regarding our energy solutions and aim to involve you throughout each step of the process.

Our core values mean that our team truly care about your business’ energy needs and we will work ardently to provide you with a service that exceeds your expectations. We aim to become an extended member of your business, always on hand to manage your energy requirements and demystify the energy market for you.

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Our Vision

How We Can Help Your Company ?

To transform and innovate the energy markets by putting the power in our clients’ hands, giving them the tools and information to make informed decisions. For every site, there is a more efficient and cost-effective energy solution waiting to be uncovered.


Our industry relationships, market experience, and professional reputation allow us to source the most competitive pricing outcomes. We are trusted to provide an impartial advisory service to guide clients through their energy requirements.

We recognise a lack of transparency offered by other consultancies and we are committed to a more open book approach. Our clients’ values often match our own which is why we are trusted to manage their energy requirements, allowing us to forge long-term relationships.

The Utility Buyers deliver an integrated service which is truly unparalleled in its competency and efficiency.

Our Approach


Learning about your business



Identifying areas for possible optimisation


Tailoring an energy solutions strategy to suit your business’ needs


Acting upon our agreed strategy our team will deliver on the approach closely working alongside yourself and the suppliers


We will allocate you a dedicated member of our team to answer any question you may have and ensure that you are happy and in control of your energy solutions

We are switched on

So you can focus on your business and let us manage your energy solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the information below for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find what you need, please feel free to contact us below.

Energy Procurement

How are The Utility Buyers different to the other energy brokers?

We believe that customer service, honesty and transparency in the way we operate make us stand out from all other energy consultancies.

My contract is not near its renewal date, can you still help?

Yes. We can obtain future prices for your renewal around 12 months before the contract end date. Many clients have secured significant savings on their future contracts by speaking to us well in advance of their contract end date and engaging with our team of energy procurement specialists.

Should I go fixed or flexible?

Before you enter into your new contract we will conduct a scoping meeting to ascertain your risk appetite, examine market conditions and examine your energy profile before recommending the right type of contract for your business.

Can The Utility Buyers offer a bill validation service?

Yes. We can provide a fully managed bill validation service which will ensure that all gas, electricity and water invoices are correct to pay. In the event that invoices are incorrect, we will ensure that all credits are correctly applied back to your account.

We can validate any contract that you have with a supplier including full flex pass through, ensuring that all non-energy charges are correctly billed by your energy supplier.

Should I choose an energy broker that specialises in my market sector?

Not necessarily. From the energy suppliers perspective a meter is a meter and how the energy is used is irrelevant. The amount of energy consumed and the reliability of the data provided to the supplier are far more important when negotiating your new energy contract.

Does it cost me anything to speak to you?

Absolutely not. We never charge potential clients who want to speak to our team of energy specialists about their requirements and can offer help and advice even before we are formally engaged.

Site Works and Metering

What is Site Works?

In simple terms, Site Works are your gas, water and electricity requirements. These works can range from altering, relocating or disconnecting an existing supply, to installing a new permanent or temporary supply/metering.

What is a Meter Operator and do I need a contract?

A Meter Operator is an organisation that is responsible for installing and maintaining your electricity meters. Depending on the size of your supply, you will be required to have a Meter Operator Contract in place. We have strong relationships with several of the major Meter Operators, so should you wish to discuss your individual requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’ve already started an application for my gas, electricity or water. Can you still help?

Yes, it doesn’t matter what stage you are at in the process, we can help.

What is the benefit of using our Site Works Service?

The Utility Buyers will review your requirements and submit the necessary requests to the Local Distribution Network Operator, Meter Operator, Supplier or any other third party operator. We will be the single point of contact throughout the process and will keep the client fully appraised. Our service will allow you to focus on the remainder of your project and leave the utilities in our capable hands.

Water Services

When did the water market de-regulate?

The English water retail market de-regulated on 1 April 2017, allowing most business and organisations the ability to choose their water supplier.

How does the water market operate?

Retail suppliers (Licensed Providers) will buy wholesale services i.e. physical water supply and in turn sell the packaged service to the customer.

I have already switched my supplier, is it too late to consider an audit.

No, an audit can be carried out at any time as your previous supplier can still be held to account for any incorrect charges that they have levied. If possible, it is best done before switching so that you can have confidence in both your data and consumption to help avoid any surprises, such as undercharges, coming out of the switching process.

How much will a water audit cost?

The audit is carried out without charge or obligation and if your costs and consumption are in order that is the end of the audit process. If we are able to identify savings and refunds then you will be able to consider these. You are then free to ‘Cherry Pick’ those recommendations that you wish to move forward with and we will implement them for you. Our fee comes from an agreed share of the savings and refunds that we produce.

Can I save money through switching my water supplier?

Yes, in most cases. The Utility Buyers can tender your water supply across the water retailers to ensure that your business is on the most competitive tariff possible.

In addition to the ability to switch providers, is there anything else that a commercial consumer should be considering as part of an overall water strategy?

The opening of the water market has raised water management up the commercial agenda and procurement should not be considered in isolation, as there is much more that can be done to control costs. Switching should form part of an overall strategy to ensure that, in addition to an overall discount, both consumption and costs should be scrutinised to ensure that they are appropriate for your business.

What is less well known is the extent of incorrect charging on the commercial consumer and that a full audit of charges and consumption, allied to the consideration of switching supplier, can produce significant savings and refunds which are often larger than the saving achieved from switching supplier.

What is required for an audit?

Initially, no more than copies of your last 12 months of invoices.


“The Utility Buyers dealt without utilise in a professional manner.  They provided pragmatic solutions for our company and helped us save money in the current energy markets.” 

Akari Care


“The Utility Buyers are one of Stark’s preferred partners due to their legacy of providing quality energy procurement and consultancy services, as well as sharing a common set of values for communication, and customer support.”



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