Water Services

The commercial water market de-regulated in April 2017 and since this point clients, irrespective of their size, have been able to tender their suppliers and appoint new suppliers.

Water Procurement

We will identify the best water supplier in the market to meet your requirements, including:


Data Collection




Price Analysis


Supplier Negotiation


Supplier Transfer

The Utility Buyers are independent, which means that securing you the best deal is always our top priority. The switching process is quick and easy, taking less than one month to complete.

We expect all clients to see a saving as a result of the water supply tender, in addition, one significant benefit will be the consolidating of the suppliers to one group supplier. This will, in turn, create efficiencies across the board; especially the accounts department who would have one billing format, standard terms and one contact to deal with in moving forwards.

Water Auditing

Our auditing services assess your current water charges to evaluate their accuracy. We then initiate the refund process if we find that you have overpaid the water suppliers.

Overview of the Service

The audit is carried out entirely at our risk. We do not charge for the audit process and there is no obligation once we have reported our findings. If we cannot find any savings, or you do not wish to proceed with a recommendation, there is no charge. All fees are paid in arrears ensuring that the audit is entirely self-financing. We earn our fee entirely from the results produced on only those issues you wish us to proceed with.

The process is designed to have minimal impact on your day to day operational activities with the audit running in the background, producing recommendations for you to consider and which we take away and implement, leaving you free to focus on your business.

The audit process has 4 distinct steps:


The process starts with an analysis of all the water invoices and charges that you currently receive from the water authority (water, waste water, surface water, fixed charges and Trade Effluent). Upon receipt of client invoices we will quickly be able to identify where there is the potential for savings and refunds and identify the priority areas for investigation.

The Survey

Given your agreement, we will then conduct a full, but unobtrusive, survey of your site(s) to make sure that your charges, as they appear on paper, are an accurate reflection of how you operate “on the ground”.

The Report

You receive our reports that come as a result of the site survey(s). They will contain all of our findings and enable you to make an informed decision on whether you’d like to move forward with a recommendation.


If, having considered our recommendations you would like to proceed (and you are free to ‘Cherry Pick’) we undertake all the work to correct your charges and recover any monies overpaid. We will keep you informed of the progress as we deal with the water authority on your behalf.